A.i Session 1st Class

Artificial intelligence
Important A.i 1st Class | Topic Open Ai ( Artificial intelligence ) Session At Kulyat-ul-Funoon Department Of Jamia-Tur_Rasheed

On October 15, 2023, at Jamia-tur-rasheed in Karachi, a specialized lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was conducted under the Faculty of Arts, with Mr. Rayed Afzal, a distinguished AI specialist, serving as the guest speaker. The session aimed to provide in-depth insights into the field of AI, offering valuable knowledge to professors specializing in AI and conservation. 


جامعۃ الرشید کراچی شعبہ تخصصات اور حفاظ کے اساتذہ کے لئے کلیۃ الفنون کے تحت 15 اکتوبر 2023بروز اتوار آرٹیفیشل انٹیلیجنس کے حوالے سے کلاس ہوئی، جس میں جناب رائد افضل صاحب (اسپیشل ٹرینر آف AI) نے AI کے موضوع تفصیلی لیکچر دیا.